UF1 Holding Fastener and UF2 Universal Fasteners

• Can be installed on most racks on the market.

• Adjustable horizontal position of the rail with side shifts, without

• Thanks to the fastener type (Velcro or flange), tracks can be identified by their different colours.

• No side space is occupied once the mini-rails have been installed. This allows for improved contact between the roller and products or packages.

• Savings can be made on the entire structure of the dynamic framework, thus improving installation and assembly.

• It allows for slight slope variation of the rack, by simply raising or lowering the front or rear of the frame (respectively) thus achieving the desired result.

• Each fastener can withstand up to 350 kg. This represents up to 700 kg on a track with two mini-rail bars.

• Swift assembly.

Guides for the creation of different channels depending on the needs marked out by the type of rotation box for the material size. The separation guide may be central, lateral M and XL.