Order preparation stations through the installation of channels for the guidance of boxes or through the fitting of a “siding” in which mini-rails are fitted with a minimum separation between them, allowing for the different sized boxes to slide due to the forces of gravity. Dynamic racks for light loads or carton flow racks are located in the shipment and preparation of orders, as well as in just-in time-supply points.

Dynamic picking frameworks are easily mountable and adapt to the majority of rack manufacturers’ products. Depending on weight and box type requirements, the position of its separating guides and the number of mini-rails, along with the number of support points will be determined.

Carton flow framework

• FIFO and LIFO applications for the supply chain, supply flow and order preparation.

• These modules are easy to assemble and adapt to the rack manufacturers’ products. Sturdy in terms of structure, they improve stock rotation and at a low cost, thus providing businesses with  dynamic warehouse facilities at a reduced cost.