Pallet flow dynamics used by Dinalager offer many more advantages in comparison with normal static storage methods and offer greater flexibility, handling and savings in terms of costs and time.

Dinalager offers the most suitable roller type for almost all good transport connections and helps solve your logistical issues.

Dinalager manufactures products and solutions for internal logistics in warehouses and production plants. Its mini-rails or pulley tracks are used for order preparation or dynamic picking areas, carton flow areas, as well as transporters or conveyor belts for packaging flow or storage boxes.
It is the official distributer of the German brand Rollex, a major manufacturer of rollers for transporters, along with the movement of light and heavy load flows. Its products such as the pallet rail or the pallet rail roller aid the movement of heavy load flows and provide solutions for dynamic pallet movement.
There are numerous rack manufacturers who entrust Dinalager to devise their dynamic solutions for light load flows.

The rail type for pallet model 720 is a rail with universal rollers that is used frequently in the transportation of pallets. Roller rails for Euro-pallets, boxes and other means of surface transport using roller rails work perfectly with this type of article. Likewise, there is a pallet rail with side guides for internal logistics or working areas, thus giving more versatility to the product.

This forms a universal unit for transporting pallets. It is also possible to build simple transporters or dynamic racks. These adapt easily to the transport system in place in your factory or as a side guiding rail. The rail is manufactured from galvanised steel, with a height of 55 mm and a width of 80 mm. These profiles fit rollers measuring Ø 50 mm with separations of 52, 78, 104, 130, 156 mm.