Dinalager: Expansion on two wheels

Dinalager: Expansion on two wheels   

Article published in the daily newspaper El Periódico detailing Dinalager’s international expansion



The Terrassa-based firm Dinalager prepares its second assault on the US market following an unsuccessful first attempt

The manufacturing company of rollers for the logistics industry aims for the consolidation of the Latin American market

Specialisation allows for the opening of doorways to markets in which the solution put forward fits the needs of the target enterprises. Under this premise, and with the conviction of having the key to tackling new countries, the Terrassa-based firm Dinalager, engaged in the production of rollers for industrial usage, has recently approved an expansion plant to break into the US market and strengthen its presence in Latin America and Europe.
The company was founded in 1986 as a distributor of foreign brands, mainly German, though over the years it has become a manufacturer and then exporter. Initially, it worked with elements for the maintenance of rollers, tracks for dynamic rack and roller elements, though shortly after it embarked on the in-house manufacture of its own products.
The reopening of the US project takes place in Tampa, Florida, a strategic location with a view towards Latin America.
“We manufacture for different logistical sectors, from textiles to automobiles, where the potential client is a structures manufacturer, both for rack and assembly structures”, states Carles Merino, CEO at Dinalager. He assures us that clients rate its products as the best on the market due to their mechanical resistance to wheel sinking.
With export levels at 70% to more than 25 countries, the company is now preparing a second attempt at breaking into the US market, following a first venture that did not prove overly successful due to strategic failures. “The American market is used to another type of product and we have to change this mentality in order to attract them to ours, they normally have a very sturdy or featherweight product, and we are in the middle-ground”, claimed Merino.
Now the approach is to raise awareness on the qualities offered by a different model to the one they know, and that functions the world over. In the same way, assurances are given as to the good perspectives thanks to change of the planned strategy. The re-opening of the project will take place in Tampa (Florida), in the south of the United States, and will become a strategic point for  reaching Latin America.

The company has withstood the economic downturn of recent years well and last year recorded growth figures of 24%, with a turnover of 3.5 million euros. The different situations experienced in Europe such as the Greek crisis, Brexit or the lack of Spanish government, have placed the continent on standby. “Instead of crying, we have chosen to look further beyond Europe’s borders, with high levels of expansion in Mexico, as well as in Chile, Peru, Colombia and Venezuela”, Merino explained.

Dinalager has 22 employees and concentrates all of its production in Terrassa. End of year forecasts are positive, with projected growth in turnover expect to rise by more than ten percent.

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