The  carton flow is a system with a structure of easily accessible metal mini-rails.
Ideal for order preparation stations through the installation of channels for the guidance of boxes or through the fitting of a “siding” in which mini-rails are fitted with a minimum separation between them, allowing for the different sized boxes to slide due to the forces of gravity. Dynamic racks for light loads or carton flow racks are located in the shipment and preparation of orders, as well as in just-in time-supply points.

Dynamic picking frameworks are easily mountable and adapt to the majority of rack manufacturers’ products. Depending on weight and box type requirements, the position of its separating guides and the number of mini-rails, along with the number of support points will be determined.

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Product Description

Dynamic frameworks for light loads use gravity as a means of moving the loads and products. This is so due to the fact that there is a certain angle of inclination as well as having a system of mini-rails fitted to facilitate the movement of boxes and products

The Carton Flow framework is an easily accessible metallic structure with the difference of inclination for movement. The FIFO and LIFO system is applied

Complete rotation of loads and products.
Increase the swiftness of order preparation.
Boasts renowned brands and market references for suitable product classification.
Facilitates management of stored products
Does not consume electrical energy as the movements along the mini-rails is created by gravity.
Ensures the integrity of the products during classification.
Easy and quick assembly
Possible customisation of the framework to identify the same with the Company’s logo
Compatible with the majority of chasses and structures

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