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• The perfect and economical solution for a new concept of Carton Flow Racking.
• High load capacity, thanks to the Dinalager Roller Track.
• A wide variety of options to cover all types of boxes to be slid.
• NoBeam profiles are supplied to the size required by the customer, with a maximum total length of 2,700 mm (rack width).


1.- It is installed comfortably on the horizontal beams -front and rear- of the rack, previously moving one of them vertically with respect to the other, to find the necessary slope for the boxes to fall. We recommend a slope of between 3% and 5%.

2.- At the ends of the NoBeam, place the mini-rails comfortably and perfectly in parallel: first the loading part and then, by means of a small slit to the exit NoBeam part (lower), they will be introduced into their respective cavities.

3.- Finally, the accidental displacement of the Dinalager Roller Tracks is ensured by means of a safety cap.