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Thanks to our rounded wheels (link), the spine-shaped structure makes it easy to rotate the boxes by almost 90°. Ideal for Lean Manufacturing and workplaces with short square spaces for moving boxes.

• 90º turns horizontally for parcels, positioning the front part to follow its path and facilitating the reading of labelling.
• The special Roller Track with rounded wheels simulates a multidirectional ball table, but increases the contact points, preventing the boxes from 'sticking' in the bearings.
• Thanks to the arrangement of the wheels, it facilitates an automatic turning of the goods by about 80°.
• Possibility of customising free space, by means of Logo.


• Delivery tables with 90º swivels.
• Conveyor joints
• Manufacturing and handling tables.
• Versatile for Lean structures, conveyor belts, roller conveyors, ...