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Products forCarton Flow

About Carton Flow

We are specialised in the manufacture of the best roller conveyors -Roller Track- for the handling of boxes and a variety of items.

A range of different wheels for all kinds of casuistry, and to be able to give a solution to your special case.

Unique in manufacturing wheels with real conductivity (ESD+) for the storage of car batteries, electrical components, electronic boards, ...

We are your ideal partner for crate handling systems and facilitate your intralogistics with high quality castor tracks.


Roller Tracks

The wheel tracks are positioned on a slight incline, which allows the products to slide along the wheels to the bottom and are therefore perfectly accessible for the operators.

Special Roller Tracks

They are a variety of mini-rails and are specifically designed to handle products or materials that may have irregular or unusual shapes or sizes.

Plastic guides

Extruded plastic profiles, whose purpose is to keep the products aligned and prevent them from deviating from the supply lanes. They are installed on the sides of the roller tracks.

Assembly accessories

Parts that are used to install and secure roller tracks, plastic guides and other components in the racks. These accessories may include clips, brackets, and screws among other items.

Smart solutions

Structural elements that facilitate installation or conversion to flow racking.